EMPTY VESSELS / HD-Video / 8 min / Screening Version / 2015


To climb mountains can be seen as a symbol of a general desire that exists in our society today. The dream of reaching the top, be happy for a few seconds when the goal is reached, and then get on to even greater heights.

THE SUMMIT /  HD-Video / 10min / 2014


 “I’ve got to do this.” This work explores the struggle to overcome oneself and one’s circumstances. What does it really mean, overcoming oneself? At what point does it become an end in itself? Shot in Kathmandu, the video explores the concept of struggle from different perspectives: that of three mountain climbers and a nun. In order to explore the idea of a journey into oneself and beyond, Lindholm lived in a cloister when the video was shot – sometimes peace consists of a continuous struggle to transcend one’s limits.

MORNING PRACTICE/  HD-Video / 4.24 min / 2013


Early morning in Kathmandu, the small monks stop by at the shop before going to school..

WISH AWAY / 10:30 min / Hd-video  / 2008


The film WISH AWAY takes place around a lighthouse on a bleak island located between Sweden and Finland. The book ”Moominpappa at Sea” by the Finnish author Tove Jansson and the recent environmental destruction reports on the condition of the Baltic Sea have been Lindholm’s sources of inspiration.


”It was an overcast, entirely standstill day. The water surface rose imperceptibly in long swells with the eastern wind, it was as grey as heaven and looked like silk. Just above the surface a couple of eiders flew by, they were fast and clearly out on their own business. Then everything was calm again…

From the book ”Moominpappa at Sea” by Tove Jansson, Alfabeta publishing house, 1965.


The music in the film consists of Valentin Eichler playing Bach on alto viola, and music composed and performed by the artist.


FOR ANNE MARIE /  HD - Video / 10 min / 2010


The film is inspired by the artist’s great aunt Anne Marie, who lived in Finland in the beginning of the 1900s. She was engaged to a Russian man, Mr Obolenski, who was forced to escape to Paris during the Russian Revolution. Anne Marie was left alone and never heard from him again. In the film we meet Anne Marie as a young woman, then as a middle-aged woman and eventually as an old lady. Petra Lindholm composed and performed the music for the film, and her song is slowly guiding us through this woman’s life story.

LEARNING TO STAY / 3 CHANNEL VIDEO loop  / HD - Video / 2008


The 3 screen video installation is entitled “Learning to stay”. The world we live in is full of distraction, it can be difficult to sit down and meet the stillness. The footage for the installation was filmed during many days of silence with slowly changing pictures, no real narrative, images shot from different perspectives, as they are looked at a bit differently for every day that pass by. The images are almost black and white with some colour glimpses. The loop in each screen has a various length of about 10 to 12 minutes. It means there is no sync between the loops, different images will meet, and it will bring out new stories to the pictures for each new round.

IRIS  /  HD - Video /  7:20 min / 2006


Petra Lindholms video Iris in collaboration with the sound composer Lars Åkerlund; a smooth natural flow of sound and images, at the same time a demanding assertive narrative. A vertiginous ride, a poetic purification in a science fiction like atmosphere. The video is about death and rebirth and how these two are unseperable. Just as linked as ease and seriousness, impermanence and eternity. Martin Ålund, producer and artist


This film was made for the opening of Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm. The video was shown during two nights in August 2006 as part of a spectacular dinner party in the exhibition hall organised by the founder Jeanette Bonnier. The theme of the evenings was the four elements, our film was inspired by FIRE.


Music by Lars Åkerlund

UNTIL / Mini - Dv  / 10 min / 2004


Until is a poetic study of the psychological landscape of the mind, reflected in interiors, street scenes and landscapes. The theme of the piece is the ultimate inaccessibility of our innermost being. Its places and people remain anonymous, seen only in glimpses, trough a surveillance camera or reflected in a window, human voices are filtered trough the mechanical background noises of the telephone.